More Coming Soon!

#1 Son is working on making this site look pretty!  Until then just a little update.  I attended my first meeting of Georgia Romance Writers on Saturday and loved it.  I joined the chapter and look forward to attending meetings each month despite the 2 hour drive.  The online workshop I am currently taking,  Fatal Flaws, has me dragging out dormant characters and dusting them off so I can finally give them the attention and stories they deserve.  Next month,  I will be taking the Master Class and hope to have a story outline of some sort for at last one of the couples. One couple I am considering is Jack & Maggie. They made their first appearance in my first 1,000 word challenge at The Writer’s Circle at the Harlequin Community. I entered the Challenge 3 days after joining the forum.  My challenge won and Jack & Maggie have been in search of a proper home ever since.  Of course, I’ve learned a lot since then and can think of a 1,000 ways to improve on this little scene but this is the original version.

The first 1k is written so a mere 69k to go and they will have their own book!

To jog your memory or if you’re new,  here’s their first appearance:

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