Lady Emma’s Holiday a winner!

My historical entry in the 1k Writer’s Challenge on the eHarlequin Writer’s Circle Forum won first place.  I must confess I wasn’t even sure I wanted to post it let alone think it would win. The other contestants had very strong entries so I am extra honored to have won.

Here’s my entry:

Lady Emma Musgrove touched the packet of papers in her pocket and smiled to herself as she waited in front of the moderately shabby house at Number 4 Bow Street. She had been sent to London by her aunt and uncle ostensibly to be a companion to their youngest daughter, Margaret, during her confinement. They had even called it a holiday, but Emma knew they sent her away so she wouldn’t be present to witness the changes they were making to High Meadow, her ancestral home.

Her aunt and uncle didn’t know it, but Emma had her own reasons for coming to London and they had nothing to do with her cousin, but everything to do with Henry Atherton. Continue reading “Lady Emma’s Holiday a winner!”