Digging Up More Than Bones

Another 1k challenge winner! I had fun with these two characters.

“Dr. Grainger?”

The deep whiskey smooth voice broke Annabelle’s concentration and she looked up from the pottery shard she was uncovering. Well-worn black cowboy boots hung over the edge of the excavation pit. Looking higher, she met burnished brown eyes. Those amazing eyes were in a face with bronzed skin, prominent cheekbones and thick black hair worn in a single braid down his back, characteristics of a Navajo ancestry. He wore a white shirt open at the neck, suede jacket, faded jeans and a turquoise studded belt. Definitely a mouth-watering picture.

“Dr. Grainger?”

Caught gawking, Annabelle flushed. “Sorry. Yes, I’m Dr. Grainger. But, please, call me Annabelle.”

She placed her hands on the edge of the pit to heft herself out, but he leaned down and offered her a hand. Before accepting help, Annabelle brushed her dusty hands on her khaki pants. Not that it did much good since her clothes were almost as dirty. His large hand not only swallowed up her smaller one but contrasted with her paler skin. His long fingers and palm were callused.

He easily pulled her out but hesitated before letting go of her hand. Even free of the small pit she had to look up to meet his gaze. Unlike her, he looked and smelled fresh, like leather and spice.

“Thank you,” she said but it came out more like a breathless squeak and she winced.

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