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The Baton has been passed to me for the Baton Blog Hop from Claire Gem and here’s a little bit about her:

Claire Gem writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She’s an avid fan of spunky heroines and a good ghost story (not necessarily together or in that order). Her favorite authors include Robyn Carr, Kristan Higgins, Susanna Kearsley.

Phantom Traces (coming soon from Soul Mate Publishing)features dual-time love stories, and deals with the May:September romance, the ravages of Alzheimer’s, and one hell of a scary ghost.

Claire has several other novels in progress, including Electricity, another ghost enhanced love story set in the defunct psychiatric hospital in Central Massachusetts (the site on which she now works).

Claire’s idea of a great love story is one that transports you to another place and introduces you to new people so real, you miss them when you read The End.

Find me at, on Twitter @gemwriter, and on FB at Claire Gem, Author.

Now it’s my turn to answer a few questions about my writing: 

What am I working on?

Right now I am working on two contemporary romances aimed at Harlequin Special Edition. Both of these stories were originally conceived for 1,000 word challenges I participate in on the Harlequin Writer’s Circle Forum. I enjoyed the characters I’d created so much, I decided to use them in full length stories. The working titles on them are Rescuing Riley and The Sheriff’s Little Matchmaker.


How does your writing differ from other of its genre? I am told my writing voice is unique. My specialty is dialogue and witty banter between my characters. In both current works in progress, children play a part in the stories. I have been told I do a wonderful job writing children so I’m taking advantage of that.


Why do I write what I do? I enjoy writing about hearth and home with enough humor to offer relief from the deep emotional angst I put my characters through.


How does my writing process work? That’s a toughie. I’ve been a punster but I’ve taken some wonderful online workshop with Laurie Schnebly Campbell and Writer Univ and am learning how to plot. Plot or no, I tend to be a re-writer more than a writer. I get a rough draft down and then tinker with it until I’m mostly pleased with it. I say “mostly” because I’m never wholly satisfied but there comes a point whether rare or well-done, I have to let go.

I will be passing the Baton to:

M. Lee Scott, author of contemporary romances.

M. Lee Scott is jump-starting her writing career for the second time. Hoping to publish with Harlequin’s Desire line, she’s working on a western series trilogy. Taking classes, reading, entering contests, keeping in touch with other writers, and her critique partner help her keep a focus on her goals. When not writing she enjoys gardening, reading, and quilting.

Link to M. Lee Scott’s blog:

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