Molly O’Keefe’s Everything I Left Unsaid released today, October 13, 2015

I have been a Molly O’Keefe fan for some time now. I’ve loved all her books. She does dark, tortured heroes so well. And I have to say she blew me away with this one!! Panting waiting for the next one!

Reading Everything I Left Unsaid was like riding an amusement park ride in once it was over, you wanted to turn around take that ride again. All the characters–not just Annie and Dylan–are still with me and I think about them and miss them as I would real people who pass through my life.

All I can say is buckle up and get ready to be exhilarated, titillated and entertained.



A 2015 Unpublished Maggie Award Finalist!

I’m happy and proud to announce that my story, The Sheriff’s Little Matchmaker, is a finalist in the Unpublished Maggies!!

Here’s the blurb:

Remy Fontenot doesn’t regret leaving the excitement of New Orleans to return to his hometown, or his life as the sheriff in sleepy Bayou Fortier, and he certainly doesn’t regret his daughter, Evie. But he does regret having chosen a wife who didn’t want to be a mother, and he does worry about being a single dad in his profession. So now that he’s divorced, Remy sets out to woo the perfect mother…Evie’s teacher and favorite person in the whole world.

Sasha Honeycutt has already been the wife of a small town policeman, and she knows it can involve sacrifice and heartbreak. Despite longing for a family, she’s not signing up for that again. And, as much as she loves little Evie Fontenot, she’s not signing a marriage license just to give Remy peace of mind.

Except there’s that scorching kiss Remy and Sasha can’t forget. And, against her better judgment, Sasha is falling for the insufferably charming sheriff. And Remy is rethinking his dogged pursuit of commitment over passion. He wants more than a mother—he wants a wife. Can he convince the gun-shy Sasha to take a chance on another lawman?